KYAW Plywood Tradings is most successful distributor of plywood in country, Myanmar. It was established within the SawBwarGyi Gone compound in 1996 starting with two employees only. For the time being, the company has 36 employees giving the better services to its customers.

KYAW has two  branches by this time, one  showrooms in SawBwarGyiGone Compound and one showroom on the main road of 10 miles Gone. KYAW company also own 5 warehouses to store and keep its products trying to meet the need and the mass demand of the customers. In earlier business days of KYAW company, it sells only a single kind of product which is plywood. However, a lot of decorations for the use of various purposes, such as aluminium composites, formica, P P board, sticker,...etc. are available with reasonable prices at KYAW company. The quality plywood and other standandized products of KYAW are widely distributed to the constructions of whole country especially to the constructions located in Yangon, economic city of Myanmar and NayPyiTaw, the capital city of Myanmar.

The products available at KYAW are plywood, aluminium composite, plastic poster board, formica, sticker, PVC doors, Acrylic Sheet and MDF fiber. Plywoods are ordered from the local plywood firms and the other items are ordered from abroad especially from Thailand. The quality products, reasonable prices plus the best service make KYAW company set the bar high at the present.